My Account - Border Letter Request Process

Please read the following important information regarding Border Letters.

Important Information

A border letter is a letter that you need to present to officials at South Africa's border posts when you want to cross the border in a vehicle that has WesBank as its titleholder. The letter confirms that WesBank has authorised your crossing the border in that particular vehicle for a specified period.

If you are the titleholder of the vehicle in which you're travelling, a border letter is unnecessary, but you may be asked by border officials to produce the vehicle's original NATIS document. This, together with your passport, will prove you own the vehicle.

It is imperative to arrange additional comprehensive insurance that will cover the vehicle for the same period and for the specified country of destination outside the South-African borders.

There are several ways in which you can request a border letter. You can register for Account Services and obtain your border letter online. Or you can e-mail your request to us at Please mark your request for the attention of our Administration Department and specify the e-mail address or fax number to which you'd like us to forward your border letter. Please give us at least 3 days to process your request.

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