Business insurance

Choose from a select range of insurance products to cover all your valuable WesBank assets.

Asset Sure

Shortfall insurance cover.

AssetSure covers the difference between what your underlying insurer pays out (typically the market value) and the balance still owed on the finance agreement. This provides the assurance that your business' cash flow will not be affected if the asset is written off or stolen.

Comprehensive cover

Business insurance.

This comprehensive policy covers your asset financed by WesBank in the event of an accident, theft, hijacking and extensive hail damage. It also covers third party liability, includes towing services and you will not be liable for additional theft excess if the vehicle has a tracking device.

Health credit policy

Cover for death or disability.

The Health Credit Policy will pay out the full outstanding amount on the finance agreement in the event of the death or permanent disability of a business partner or director. The death benefit is valid up to the age of 65, while the permanent disability benefit is valid until the age of 60.

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Vehicle warranty

Mechanical breakdown cover.

This comprehensive policy covers the repair costs and replacement of selected parts after a mechanical breakdown. Cover is available for up to 12 major components for commercial vehicles and up to 5 components for agricultural equipment. The policy also includes options for extended time frames and kilometres.

Deposit protector

Cover for the original deposit.

An insurance payout may not be enough to cover the deposit you paid. If the asset is written off or stolen, the Deposit Protector policy will cover the original deposit, up to a maximum of R500,000.

Vehicle tracking

Telematics & recovery devices.

Install a tracking device on your vehicle to increase the chances of retrieval in the event of theft or hijacking. In addition, you could qualify for a substantial discount on your vehicle insurance premium with a tracking device.

These affordable products are available to all customers who currently have asset finance from WesBank. Terms and Conditions apply.