WesBank Graduate Finance

Accessible car finance for graduates. Credit history not essential.
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To qualify, you need to be under 31, and:

Have a degree/higher diploma
obtained in the last 3 years
Proof of employment
minimum salary: R6250
Have the affordability
to enter into a finance agreement

Explore your car buying options

Work out your affordability
There's more than the car's instalments to consider.
Paid Over
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Deposit Amount
required deposit you need to pay in.
Interest rate
Balloon Payment
balloon amount allowed.
What will it cost to drive your car?

The cost of driving a car depends on how hard and how far you drive it. Here's what you need to consider:

  • Fuel costs
  • Toll fees
  • Servicing costs
  • Maintenance costs (including repairs)

New cars often come with service/maintenance plans that make life easier

  • What documents do I need to submit with my application?

    • Proof of Address not older than 3 months
    • A copy of your ID
    • A copy of your driver's license
    If you have a job offer but haven't started working yet:
    • a signed employment contract.
    If you started working less than 3 months ago:
    • a signed employment contract and a recent payslip.
    If you've been working for more than 3 months:
    • a recent payslip and 3-month's bank statements.

  • Do I need a deposit?

    No, a deposit is not a must. But it's a good idea to put one down if you can

  • What's the maximum amount I can get finance for?

    • The maximum amount depends on your affordability.
    • We determine your affordability in line with the National Credit Act (NCA)
    • You can use the affordability calculator to work out estimated instalments on a given purchase price

  • What's the minimum period of time I can finance my car over?

    Our minimum payment term is 6 months.

  • What's the maximum period of time I can finance my car over?

    Our maximum payment term is 72 months (6 years)

  • What happens after I complete the finance application form?

    • We'll immediately tell you whether or not you've been approved for finance
    • If your finance application is approved, we'll contact within 24 hours to finalise everything