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Used Car Buyers Guide

Buying a used car could be a great way of cutting down the cost of owning and driving a vehicle, but it's important to take your time to understand the risks and the process when buying a used car. We've prepared this expert guide to help you make the best possible vehicle purchase.

Steps to getting financed

Online application

Fill out the online application.

Technical Inspection and roadworthy test

If your application has been approved, we'll contact the seller to agree to the sale. The seller is obliged to do a technical inspection on the vehicle and a roadworthy test.

Necessary documentation

We'll ask you and the seller for necessary documents. Here is a list of useful documents for your convenience.

Voice-logged agreement

The sale agreement is voice-logged, which is legally binding, or signed online with iContract.

WesBank representative meets you

A WesBank representative meets with you
to complete the process.

Pay seller and register vehicle

We pay the seller and the buyer will be responsible for the new vehicle licensing and registration.