Small Business Asset Funding

Drive your SME's growth through specialist asset funding

Your business is specialised.

Your asset funding should be too.

Specialised assets need specialised funding

Vehicle and asset funding isn't just one of our offerings – it's our specialty. We understand how assets fit into your SME's business strategy, so we're in the best position to help you get the ones you need right now. No unnecessary delays. No missed business opportunities.

Vehicle and asset finance

Available for business equipment and business vehicles.

Assets are immediately added to your register, increasing your business equity

Interest and capital allowances can be claimed as tax deductions

Your business owns the asset(s) after the last payment

Vehicle and asset finance

Need equipment, large-scale appliances or vehicles to take your SME to the next level? Then apply for finance. You'll get an immediate response and you can sign the contract(s) online as soon as you're ready.
Available for business assets in general.

Vehicle leasing

Available for business vehicles across industries, including fleets.

Vehicle maintenance and service is covered in the lease fee

Lease payments can be claimed as tax deductions

You still have the option to own the vehicle after the last payment

Vehicle leasing

Need a vehicle or even an entire fleet, without the burden of depreciation and maintenance? Then get us to speak to you about leasing. A vehicle leasing consultant will contact you to find out the best option for your SME.
Available for vehicles only.

Whether you choose to finance or lease we'll tailor a business vehicle and asset solution that considers your cashflow as an entrepreneur, while encouraging business growth. That growth is as important to us as it is to you and the economy at large – because when SMEs succeed, we all succeed.

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