Fleet consulting

On-call expertise through the vehicle life cycle

We offer expert advice on all aspects of fleet management, from company vehicle policy and vehicle selection to procurement and vehicle replacement.

Fleet Consulting Solutions

We analyse your company processes and operational issues to determine the most effective long-term solution with the lowest possible operating costs. Through our network of suppliers and joint venture partners we are able to obtain vehicles at the best price, and we manage your vehicle replacement cycle carefully to ensure that you gain the most value from your fleet.

Our experience with supply and disposal of used vehicles enables us to determine the best replacement for each of your vehicles at any point in time and so optimise the cost of your overall fleet management.

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Discounted Cash Flow

Work out the most cost-effective method of paying for your vehicles. This calculation shows the net present value (NPV) of future cash flows, reflecting the time value of money as well as the cost of different funding options.

The comparison illustrates the difference between an instalment sale purchase and full maintenance lease for the same vehicle over a similar term and distance.

Total Net Present Value

The following example shows the full cost for a vehicle with an ex-VAT retail price of R 330,000.00 (with a 7% discount) over 60 months at 10.5% interest, with 40% residual value and a maintenance cost per kilometre of R22.30.

Total Cost of Ownership

It is crucial to consider all of the operating costs and not just the upfront price when choosing your vehicles. Our experts will help you to calculate the total cost of ownership so that you can make the most cost-effective selection.

For this calculation, we compare the following costs for vehicles in the same class over the same period and distance:

  • Purchase price of vehicle
  • Cost of accessories required
  • Market depreciation / resale value
  • Maintenance
  • Tyres
  • Fuel Consumption
Optimal Replacement

Operating costs increase with a vehicle's age and the residual value keeps reducing.

We analyse your fleet to determine the optimal time to replace each vehicle based on actual data using the life cycle cost calculations. Our industry specialist will plan and motivate capital expenditure as well as optimising your fleet operating costs.

Fleet Procurement

With our buying power and strategic relationships with dealers and OEMs, we can organise obtaining vehicles at the lowest possible prices. All savings are passed on to you.

Fleet Procurement

Policy Strategy

Policy Strategy

We can assist with developing fleet policies aligned to both your business strategies and your customers' requirements.

A well-defined policy is essential to make sure your company’s vehicles are controlled and all your employees know their obligations and the procedures for using the vehicles in a professional and safe manner.

Funding Analysis

Funding Analysis

Using our thorough analysis of your company's operations and financial situation, we structure the most effective and viable funding solutions that will fit your requirements and provide the best cost and tax saving benefits.

Fleet Disposal

We provide a fully managed multi-channel disposal service for your fleet using our highly pro-active and personalised approach to vehicle disposals. Through our preferred disposal channels we can achieve higher returns than the more traditional industry methods.

Fleet Disposal