Careers At WesBank

Why WesBank

WesBankers enjoy the best possible work experience and actively contribute to the organisation's continued success as a market leader.

WesBank is known for the value that it places on relationships. Our success is built on our solid partnering skills that ensure mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships.

Hiring decisions are not only based on current skills, but on future capabilities and culture fit. This approach means that training, mentorship, coaching and leadership development interventions feature high on our list of priorities and enable WesBankers to reach unrivalled levels of expertise in their chosen fields.

While applicants are subject to rigorous recruitment and selection practices, our processes remain fair, equitable and consistent.

A career at WesBank offers a myriad of possibilities:

  • Lateral and upward growth opportunities
  • An environment conducive to continuous learning
  • Management and specialised career paths based on our competency model
  • A full range of insurance and value-added products

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Our Employer - Employee Relationship

The WesBank Employee - Employer Value Proposition captures those elements of employment that is important to our people and the business:


WesBank is proud to be recognized as a market leader. We are proud to be a South African organisation and have an inclusive culture. We contribute to our community through social upliftment initiatives and by being environmentally friendly.

Remuneration and benefits

Salaries are benchmarked annually. We offer competitive remuneration packages and competitive benefits. Many employees have the opportunity to participate in performance-linked remuneration, incentives, cash grants and bonuses. We also support our people and their families, through our Wellness@WesBank programme. This initiative drives work-life integration, offering WesBankers access to experts, who coach and support them in areas such as their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing and their relationships at home and at work.


Our employees contribute to our culture and success by sharing ways to continuously improve and innovate. Every employee understands the role that he or she plays play in ensuring that their team functions effectively, and ultimately contributes to WesBank's on-going success. WesBankers are our brand ambassadors. They are experts in their chosen careers and excel at providing outstanding customer service.

Development and Growth

WesBank expects the highest possible quality and service from each and every employee. In return, the environment offers numerous opportunities to enable people to develop their full potential. Career paths are structured to encourage our people to develop their expertise in either specialist or managerial roles. As industry innovators, our dynamic and changing environment results in extensive growth opportunities for our people. The learning culture is well supported by best in class development initiatives and extensive coaching.

Career Opportunities

WesBank employs over 3 000 people. While our people are known to be experts in asset finance and insurance, there are a wide range of careers to choose from including IT, Marketing, Call Centre operations, and many more...

If you have the skills, entrepreneurial focus, innovation, positive attitude and passion to make a positive contribution to our success, we would like to hear from you.

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